Blockchain and Crypto currencies

13. July 2019 admin 0

Crypto currencies have positively surprised many traders especially in 2017: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple and Co. literally outbid each other with price increases and set […]

The crypto hype is back

23. June 2019 admin 0

After the announcement of Facebook’s own currency and increasing interest from major investors, the Bitcoin exchange rate literally explodes. Warnings of a possible new crash […]

Altcoins Trading Terminologies

26. April 2017 admin 0

Altcoins, which are crypto currency alternatives to BTC, are among the really interesting markets for dealers right now. They happen to be highly explosive, fast-paced […]

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17. October 2016 admin 0

I am Adrian and I am an Bitcoin Enthusiast, therefore I started this blog. I will blog about news regarding cryptocurrencies and especially about Bitcoin. […]

What is Litecoin?

18. August 2016 admin 0

Litecoin is the greatest altcoin by marketcap. For an entire record of the available cryptocurrencies, take a look at this list on Wikipedia. At the […]