Baidu Quits All Bitcoin-Associated Marketing

Chinas biggest search engine and web-services firm Baidu has recently blocked all Bitcoin and crypto currency-associated advertisements on its system.

CnLedger, a Chinese press system which recently obtained a grant in the National Natural Science Foundation of China before this week, broke the news on July 25, last year.

While several Bitcoin on-line forums and communities fairly anticipated a government forced business like Baidu to establish a negative precedent for Bitcoin and crypto currencies, the statement of Baidu is rather ironic since the web giant dedicated to Group, a Bitcoin-established cash-delivering program only 8 weeks past.

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Why did they just halt it?

Even though Baidus objectives concerning the conclusion of the crypto currency-associated ads will not be obvious, two potential causes might be:

They can be ending all crypto currency ads as a result of large quantity of Ponzi schemes or scam- such as crypto currency ads on its search engine and internet platform.

A petition from authorities to prohibit any crypto currency-associated ads.

If Baidu prohibited its ads on crypto currencies due to the initial principle, then it’s most probably the company might expose a censorship program in its marketing community to ensure just several valid ads may undergo. As an example, ads for properly identified Bitcoin programs like Group, Bitpay and Coinbase may be checked by the Baidu managers as scam – such as ads from any Bitcoin AdNetwork are prohibited forever by Baidu.

Creating room for state-held cryptocurrencies

But when it is the authorities who demanded Baidu to remove all crypto currency-associated ads, then it could function as Oriental authorities strategy to censor away impartial crypto currencies and drive for the advertising of express-held and government managed Block-Chain systems and crypto currencies.

Chinas business banks have previously created a consortium to conduct re-search on Block-Chain technologies and also have released various programs to assess its usefulness in the Chinese financial sector. Therefore, even though improbable, it generates the next concept a chance.

Because Yahoo is prohibited in Cina and Baidu is the sole lookup motor in being, the conclusion of crypto currency-associated ads holds an important denotation.